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You make the difference, one tree at a time.


Foster has been under development since February 2021, and aims to utilize the rapidly growing Crypto industry to facilitate the undoing of our current climate crisis. Our goal is to plant 100 million trees over the next 10 years, with the help of our community.



To do our part in securing a better future
for both our planet, and its habitants.


Our carbon footprint has been the center of discussion for quite some time, currently at ≈ 36B Tons for 2021. With global temperatures rising and a desperate need to reduce this to less than 2B Tons by 2050, the Foster project aims to aid in offsetting our current rate of C02 expulsion through the means of afforestation projects, across the planet.

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Utility token used to develop the project/acts as shares.


TREE Token

Equal to one tree



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All this while secured

TREE Tokenomics



Marketing & community growth


Drop to FOSTER token holders every 3 months


Land, trees, operational costs


Step 1

Buy TREE token through our portal

Step 2

Seedlings incubated, and planted in the earth after 5 months

Step 3

First Gold Standard certificate issued after 24 months

Step 4

Issue O2Plus Tokens

Step 5

Selling O2Plus Token
for USDT

Step 6

Drop USDT to TREE token

Foster Token (FOSTER)

Total issued: 8,000,000,000 FOSTER (BSC)



800,000,000 FOSTER

CEO, Team


1,600,000,000 FOSTER



5,600,000,000 FOSTER

Project Development

Invest in FOSTER Token, have a plan (income) of profit 40-400% per year (USDT)



February 2021

Idea development for a community created by the people, for the planet.

March 2021

Inception of the ‘Foster’ project.

May 2021

Planting the ‘Foster’ seed across selected communities to gauge concept feedback.

June 2021

Secured first round of investment ($405,000)

July 2021

Selection of strategic branding partners and shortlisting potential FMCs (Forest management companies) & potential partner countries.

August 2021

Finalization of 1300 hectares land to begin ‘Foster’ project in Colombia.

September 2021

Solidified foundations with all channel partners involved in the intricate process of taking seed to tree.

October 2021

Participated in 45+ networking events within the field in order to further our community awareness.

November 2021

Visited Colombia with Foster team. Introduction to Inverbosques (FMC), who provided hands on experience with the steps involved to go from seed to tree.

Formally vetted all parties involved to further our confidence in our partnerships. Signing of land agreement.

December 2021

Launch of all marketing collaterals & integrating the Foster ecosystem for the purchase of Tree Tokens.

Second round of investment scheduled.

Q1 2022

Begin preparation to plant 500K trees.

Commencement of App development which will allow tree owners to track various datapoints.

Sponsor a climate change summit & invite 30 sustainability focused companies to participate.

Q2 2022

Foster team to visit Colombia to update on current status of the project.

Shortlist potential international partners with sustainability as a core value, and integrate tree tokens with 100 that are selected.

Q3 2022

3rd round of investment scheduled. -Preparation for planting of another 500K trees.

Purchase of additional land across 11+ potential countries.

Opening up ‘Foster’ headquarters in Dubai DMCC.

Q4 2022

Foster sponsored summit in Dubai, UAE. - Listing of FOSTER tokens on DEX & CEX.

2023 Prep

Plant 5 million trees by Q4 2023


Trees are of invaluable importance to our environment and, to the wellbeing of all life on earth. They provide oxygen, absorb carbon, stabilize soil and act as shelters to a variety of wildlife.

The blockchain enables complete transparency, and thus offers confidence to those who are investing towards a better future.

Our tokens can be exchanged on Coinswap, and many more exchanges in the near future.

You will receive a drop once a year, through the sales of STO O2Plus tokens.

Yes, KYC is a mandatory requirement to purchase Foster Utility tokens.

The trees require a period of 24 months to reach maturity. CO2 measurements will be taken every year after.

Our opperations will begin in Colombia, with many other countries on our roadmap including; Brazil, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, KSA, Mexico, Poland, Peru, Russia, Turkey & UAE.

You can join our mission through the purchase of FOSTER & TREE tokens, & utilize the TREE tokens to plant your own.

The minimum required purchase is 5 trees.

The average lifespan of the trees are 50 years+, so you can expect adequate profits for a fair while.

The cost of one TREE token contributes to; Labor, Machinery, Logistics, Insurance, Seedlings, Planting costs, Maintenance i.e. Trimming & Cleaning, Water, Land costs & operational costs.

There is no limit on the number of TREE tokens our community members can purchase.

Please refer to our affiliate programme below

Foster currently operates out of the UAE and Switzerland.

We are in the process of integrating with other application & sales systems, and will inform our community with updates as soon as we have them.

Our partner (Inverbosques), who have 10+ years experience in this field, manage the entire process – from nurturing the seedling, soil preperation and maintainence throughout the trees lifespan.

The time taken for a seedling to go through incubation and directly into the earth is 6 months.

Forliance (formerly known as Forest Finance) is an organisation based out of Germany, that assists Inverbosques in the Gold Standard certification process.

The current Colombia operation is focused on building a solid foundation for the forests and, are initially concentrating on efficient and domesticated species such as eucalyptus.

Please follow us across all our socials (linked below), and sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates.

Reports will be issued once every quarter.

Yes, as there are various external factors that dictate the pricing such as; increased price of C02 loans, increased value of land, possible introduction of new internationally binding rules for the purchase of C02 loans, opperational costs etc.

A fully matured tree, on average, absorbs approximately 375 kg of Carbon over a period of 1 year.

The current global average is approximately 15 Tons per person per year, however this is heavily dependant on your country of residence.

C02 credits (also referred to as VERs – Voluntary Emission Reduction credits) are normally purchased by companies & individuals who, on a voluntary basis, want to meet their social and environmental responsibility objectives.

The growth of the trees are first determined and, based on that growth (which is measure in cubic meters -m3- of wood), and is then fed through systems at Forliance - which determins how much C02 was absorbed, after which C02 capture certificates are issed.

The trees are covered under Agricultural Forestry Insurance through the Allianz Group.

Yes, and payment was cleared by Allianz group within 30 days.

The voluntary market is on track to reach a record of $6.7 billion at the end of 2021, according to a September report from Ecosystem Marketplace. Currently, traders in the European compliance market project carbon prices to increase 88 percent to about $67 per metric ton by 2030, according to a survey released in June by the International Emissions Trading Association.

You can get in touch via our community channel on telegram, or alternatively, send an email to support@foster.eco.


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